Our Professional Progress - Assistante.ch since 2003

Our Professional Progress Assistante.ch - business and office administration in Switzerland

The professional progress on Assistante.ch since 2003

At the launch of www.Assistante.ch in March 2003, the outsourcing of administrative tasks was quite uncommon and perceived as very risky. As for the other operational areas of a company, such as the IT, basic computer skills, marketing, or project management, there was nothing that was in place for a small business organization. Not to mention the dissuasive cost of the outsourcing. Businesses that needed a few more people decided to do nothing. The temporary replacement of an employee was only taken into account for mandates covering several months, and never for a few days or a few hours ! This non-decision was reflected at the end customer of these companies. Everybody suffered as a result of this lack of business organization. Since its launching in March 2003, the website www.Assistante.ch has responded very quickly to the requirements for externalized and independent business assistance. Our vision: independent agile and efficient !

The professional journey of www.Assistante.ch in 2018

15 years later, we have several teams with 17 independent professionals located in Switzerland, most of them living and working in the Lake Geneva area and Valais regions. In addition to the administrative coverage of your business, we now cover all operational aspects in the following functional business areas: IT, website maintenance, marketing, social media, project management. All team members have joined their forces with the objective of offering a multi-purpose and global assistance, in line with the current needs of business leaders, consultants, and senior executives active in multinational firms. 2018 brought an innovative perspective for businesses: a versatile support and liaison between all functional areas of a business: IT – marketing – social media – website maintenance – project management – administration and accounting. Thus, an improved overall business performance and value is achieved faster and with predictable results. All this is achieved with a very competitive and transparent pricing structure.

The best cross-functional business support in Switzerland

Assistante.ch is the recognized market leader in professional assistance for the whole French-speaking area of Switzerland. We know how to respond when it comes to the different needs of an active and modern entrepreneur. We are highly focused on efficiency, quality, and measurable results. We assist business leaders, consultants, and multinational executives. We are Assistante.ch !

leader in the business and office administration in the French-speaking Switzerland

The right person, at the right time, for all your office and business administration

High-Impact B2B Services

Assistante.ch operates as required, without any time restrictions. You do not purchase attendance hours, but effective results. This multi-functional B2B service offering is like no other. Do you have a complex business chore and no one can help you in-house ? This is when 2 to 7 of our assistants with strong technical and business skills will come to help you ! The various services available on Assistante.ch include areas such as IT, project management, accounting and administration, marketing and social media. This solution is optimal, as you do not need to contact separate suppliers. As a result, final costs are significantly reduced.

Realistic Deadlines

While accompanying you virtually, or directly at your headquarters in Switzerland, your IT, marketing, social media and project management dedicated assistant will find the right methods and solutions offering you the results and shortest delivery times.

No Middlemen

Fast-paced working processes, high-quality results, practical solutions, multi-functional areas coverage and all this without middlemen. These are some of our strengths !

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Complete Operational Coverage

Nothing has been left forgotten. You just mention your business needs… and your assistant will take care of it ! You will be provided with the work completed as required, on time, and with the highest standard of accuracy. Building a solid foundation is the essence of our work philosophy. Our clients are confident that they can fully rely on the moral integrity, the high quality, and the predictable results delivered by the multi-functional teams of Assistante.ch

Some Businesses Working with Us

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High efficiency. Multi-functional capabilities. Business active since 2003.

Full business coverage. Swiss-based teams.


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